Any use of the letters GAPS on this website are used solely as an acronym for Gut and Psychology Syndrome


Our farm is a beautiful place, where animals, birds, plants and humans all live in a natural, healthy and happy way. Our chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, turkeys and peacocks roam free all over the farm. We have milking goats. We have a Jersey cow with a calf and pigs. We practice natural beekeeping. We grow organic vegetables and fruit and we have planted hundreds of trees. Our farm functions in a happy organic, regenerative and permaculture way. It forms the basis of our family business of writing and publishing books about using food as medicine. As a family we are firmly committed to producing natural organic food in a sustainable way. Our farm is an integral part of our business and an invaluable part of our research; the food we produce demonstrates the value of natural diet in health of humans, animals and the land.

We are happy to welcome volunteers who want to work with land and animals, who love our Planet and want to restore it back to health, one farm at a time. Our volunteers learn how to produce food in a sustainable way, create healthy soil, milk goats and make cheese, look after chickens and other birds, look after bees in a natural way and produce organic honey.

If you would like to volunteer at the farm please complete the application form.

If you would like to become a GAPS Practitioner or GAPS Coach please visit our training website.


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