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Certified GAPS Coaches (CGC) conduct pantry sweeps, supervise kitchen and equipment preparation steps and food sourcing exercises, teach GAPS cooking techniques including, but not limited to batch cooking and fermentation, and they “green” the home and workplace in a practical, hands-on fashion with their clients either in-person or online. They also specialize in GAPS Fussy Eating/MTM protocols to address clients with fussy eating issues, which is best done in the home environment, and therefore, most ideal for GAPS Coaches. Coaches have a limited “coaching” scope of practice where they work with clients and groups in non-clinical settings (the home, the grocery store, a commercial kitchen, etc.).

CGCs do not recommend supplements, but they are trained to take each client through a comprehensive consultation structure to personalize the GAPS experience for each client. CGCs place a strong emphasis on lifestyle change. If supplementation is needed, CGCs can work with a qualified GAPS Practitioner should a client need supplemental support in addition to the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Often times you will find Certified GAPS Coaches and Certified GAPS Practitioners teaming up to provide clients with the most well-rounded GAPS experience. They each play a valuable role to help people successfully implement the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Find a Certified GAPS Coach in your area by searching by country, state, or province in the list of providers below.

The very first group of Certified GAPS Coach graduates will be certified on January 27th, 2020. New listings will be coming soon.

If you are a Certified GAPS Coach and want to be listed on this page, or if you wish to edit, pause, restart or delete your current listing, please log-in to your CGC Graduate Portal account and use the designated form to manage your CGC listing.



Shantell-lea Byron Cvetkovski
Crescent Head, NSW
Tel: (049) 037-5842
Special Skills: I am a Special needs teacher for the Department of Education so have additional training in supporting children with disabilities such as Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia and emotional disturbed children. Im also a Neuro Affective Touch Therapist and use the holistic modality to assist clients who may need to address underlying health concerns that may be triggered by stress or trauma within their life.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2021

Davina Drinan
Pottsville, New South Wales
Tel: (042) 226-6747


Olga Borissovna O'Keefe
Mount Isa, Queensland
Tel: (043) 842-2441
Special Skills: Management of type 1 diabetes
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
Year of Certification: 2020


Katrina Turvey
Puckapunyal, Victoria
Tel: (043) 022-7634


Debi Leyland
Burns Beach, Western Australia
Tel: (042) 193-1923
Special Skills: I run fermentation workshop, see my website for more details.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020

Bee Winfield
Nannup 6275, WA
Tel: (089) 756-1408
Special Skills: Our farm produces organic raw fermented milk, pasture fed meats including pork, lamb, beef and chicken, charcueterie, eggs, organic fruit, nuts and vegetables . We stand well placed to not only coach those seeking to become healthy by literally rebuilding their body from quality materials but to provide the building materials! We grow many medicinal herbs as well.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020


Sophie Delaunay Vagliasindi
Brussels, Belgium
Special Skills: Currently following an online Harvard training in the science of food fermentation, and a training in positive psychology. My Master's in Developmental Psychology makes me very comfortable with children and developmental disorders.
Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian
Year of Certification: 2020



Petra Wyatt
Prince George, British Columbia
Tel: (250) 613-6472
Special Skills: GAPS coaching and cooking, KETOGENIC coaching, Paleo, Low Carb, Sugar Free Education, Gut Health Coaching & Cooking classes
Languages Spoken: English, Czech
Year of Certification: 2020


Tania Macijuk
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Special Skills: Works with ALL individuals, families, children & babies. Transitioning onto the GAPS Protocol. Enemas. Picky-Eating habits. Meal plans. Cooking techniques.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2021


Maritta Must
Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: (372) 511-0455


Vidya Permadiputri
Banten, Indonesia
Tel: (811) 109-7909
Special Skills: Certified Nanny (2010), Bachelor's Studies in Economics (2005), Master's Studies in Economics (2009)
Languages Spoken: Estonian, English, Russian
Year of Certification: 2020


Hend Bahri
Barcelona, Spain
Tel: 00 34 650 825 003
Special Skills: Passionate, caring, solution-oriented and dedicated to GAPS protocol
Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish and Arabic
Year of Certification: 2020


Karolina Sorn
Gdańsk, Poland
Tel: +48 513 782 119
Special Skills: I am Nutritionist - my love to helthy dietand lifestyle was with me through whole my life, but it was personal health issue that guided me to change my proffessional career. After I graduated from Civil Engineering and worked as a Manager in Telecom Industry and as a Teacher in a mean time, I decided to study Nutrition in Gdańsk Medical University. I am also very interested in dr. Gerson Cancer Protocol as well as dr. Dąbrowska Fast (which someone calls "Daniel's Fast").
Languages Spoken: Polish, English
Year of Certification: 2021


Stacey Holland
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: (079) 715-3016
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020


Hend Bahri
Barcelona, Spain
Tel: 00 34 650 825 003
Special Skills: Passionate, caring, solution-oriented and dedicated to GAPS protocol
Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish and Arabic
Year of Certification: 2020


Lana Rempel
Taichung, Taiwan
Special Skills: I can help with a variety of health related issues using herbs, natural foods, homeopathy, and lifestyle choices.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2021


Emma Goodwin
East Grinstead, West Sussex
Tel: (797) 629-6364
Special Skills: Unbridled enthusiasm for the 'food as medicine' idea, to quote Hypocrates, offering inspiration and motivation for transformation. There is no disease, only deficiency and toxicity. When we nourish and cleanse, we heal.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020

Dr. Rim Jawad
Covent Garden, London
Tel: (203) 911-5529

Karolina Kozielska
Portland Street, London
Special Skills: Prenatal, epigenetic and personal trauma therapy, emotional support, teaching
Languages Spoken: Polish
Year of Certification: 2020

Monika Holland
Lodge Road, London |
Special Skills: gut health mentor, therapeutic enemas coach, severe digestive issues expert, nutritional specialist, holistic drainage & detoxification protocol
Languages Spoken: English, Polish
Year of Certification: 2021


Lelyana Gammouh
Sharjah, UAE
Tel: (055) 516-7462
Special Skills: I have lived through the gaps protocol for over five years . I have great experience with recipes and modifying them to be Gaps approved. I am also considered a motivational speaker, I consider myself as one of those people who can help others look at the full half of the cup.
Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, Serbian
Year of Certification: 2020



Cynthia Mendoza
Monrovia, CA
Tel: (626) 487-8552
Special Skills: Nutritional Testing
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Year of Certification: 2020

Kelly Solorzano
Huntington Beach, CA
Tel: (714) 580-9233
Special Skills: Fermented Foods
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020


Dawn Donalson
Grand Junction, CO
Tel: (970) 210-3980
Special Skills: Specializes in the GAPS protocol for children's with behavioral issues, food allergies, and managing fussy eaters, provide you with delicious whole food recipes, less time in the kitchen, sustainable living on a friendly-budget!
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020

Danielle Forrester
Littleton, CO
Tel: (303) 242-2168
Special Skills: Experience with children on the GAPS diet, eczema and asthma.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020

Marisa Tolsma
Loveland, CO
Tel: (970) 443-2472
Special Skills: Experience doing GAPS with children
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020


Deanna Golden
Coeur dAlene, Idaho
Tel: (208) 819-6073


Chrissy Brown
Sharon, MA
Tel: (603) 321-8852
Special Skills: In addition to being a CGC (certified GAPS coach) and RYT 200 ( certified yoga instructor), I am trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, and am able to help families of children on the spectrum plan and implement effective mealtime management strategies utilizing ABA principals . I am also able to network with a family's BCBA to develop a consistent, trans-disciplinary approach to successfully introducing new GAPS foods to your picky eater.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2021


Anthony Moutis
Parsippany, NJ
Tel: (973) 879-3220
Special Skills: Broad knowledge of the GAPS Nutritional Protocol, GAPS food preparation, digestive disorders, anxiety
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2020


Suzanne Stevens
Monroe, NC
Tel: (385) 208-2671
Special Skills: I teach you how to get ready, enter the GAPS Diet to utilize food to fix the gut profoundly & deeply that’s not complicated, done the right way, and reduce overwhelm so you can have a happy gut to enjoy eating! I have done gaps for over 5 years with my kids. A son with psoriasis and a multitude of allergies and with my last two c-section kids (11,13). I healed my acid reflux, hiatal hernia, and esophageal spasms that allowed me to fix my emotions, have better relationships, and feel a whole lot better.
Languages Spoken: English
Year of Certification: 2021


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